The Next Guardian | 74 mins | 2017 | Bhutan

Dir: Arun Bhattarai, Dorottya Zurbo
Streaming dates: 2 - 5 June, 2023

Q&A session: 5 June | 5:00 pm IST | 5:30 pm BTT | 5:00 pm SLST | 5:15 pm NPT

Logline: A love-filled portrait of a family in Bhutan. The daughter wants to be a soccer pro, while the son has doubts about becoming a monk.

Synopsis: In a Himalayan village, Gyembo and Tashi, a brother and sister, lead a normal life as teenagers. They love soccer and their phones. Their father oversees a Buddhist temple that has been in the family for generations. He hopes his son, Gyembo, will one day take over his duties and leave his modern English-language school in favor of a monk school. In this thoughtful and tender portrait of a Bhutanese family, the generation gap is as large as their love for one another. Celibacy doesn't offer an enticing future to an adolescent boy, which Gyembo’s father understands. Nonetheless, he still tries to convince his son that being a monk offers many advantages. Meanwhile, Tashi feels more like a boy than a girl, and dreams of a life as a pro soccer player. She wants to attend a soccer camp that would be the first step in being selected for the national team. Unfortunately, though happiness is high on the political agenda in Bhutan, not all wishes come true.

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